Lifestyle As a Part of Acne Treatment

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Skin & Hair

Many people feel that the only cure for acne comes in the form of expensive, powerful anti acne pharmaceuticals. Prescription pills can be of benefit to many acne suffers, but not all. Whether they work or don’t work for a person, there are other things that every acne sufferer should do. Some simple natural acne cures and lifestyle changes can often make a huge difference in acne breakouts.

First, consider your diet. For some people, there’s a connection between coffee, soda or alcohol and skin problems. Your body may become over stimulated from any or all of these drinks, and the effects may show in your skin condition. Caffeine and sugar in coffee and soda, and the alcohol in alcoholic beverages, are all diuretics that assist in drawing more water out of your body than bringing water back in. If you drink any of these beverages you’ll want cut back or eliminate them and take note of any improvement in your skin. This may not be the single best acne treatment, but it can certainly work to help treat acne breakouts.

The ingredients in many drinks are stimulating, and can prevent you from getting the recommended amount of sleep that your body needs. Most people know that getting a good amount of sleep makes them feel better, and can even contribute to better skin health. There’s another, often overlooked, aspect to sleep that can contribute to acne: the pillow you use. Some people think that changing their pillow case often will help, as having your face pressed against a dirty case for eight hours every night certainly can’t be helpful. And that’s correct. But it isn’t just the pressure against a dirty pillow case that’s the problem. It’s the pressure itself. Dermatologists will tell you that constant pressure is bad for your skin. So the simple act of sleeping all night with your face pressed against a pillow can be adding to your acne problems.

Another lifestyle choice to consider is how much time to spend in the sun. The sun can actually help you in your battle on acne; however, the time you spend in the sun can make a big difference. The sun aids in killing bacteria on your skin, but you should limit your time to approximately 15 minutes per day. That’s because when you spend long periods of time in the sun, the sunlight will eventually dry and reduce the pores in your skin. When your pores shrink, oil is more likely to be trapped and lead lead to the formation of acne.


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